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This isn’t your mother’s or father’s direct marketing.

NEDMA is your professional resource center for all forms of direct marketing media. From the tried and true to the very new — and everything in between.

Today, direct isn’t just mail or even email. It’s integrated and ecumenical. It’s media-neutral, including traditional, digital, mobile, social and more. It’s all direct — as long as it’s targeted, relevant and accountable.


Whether you’re a company that targets B2C or B2B — or an agency, interactive firm, printer, mail shop, list broker, or other service provider — you can’t sit back while your competitors use new channels to make inroads into your markets.

NEDMA is the oldest regional direct marketing association in the country. We credit our longevity—and growth—to our commitment to providing our members with:

  • News and knowledge about the latest innovations, analysis and trends in customer communications.

  • Creating a convenient meeting place for business people to network, share ideas and get inspired.


We believe that everything today—all marketing communications—is direct. Targeting a specific audience and generating a measurable response leading to a relationship: that’s direct marketing. Always has been.


So we provide you with the information, guidance and tools you need to implement your strategies throughout every medium and channel. From direct mail to email. Brochures to blogs. Telemarketing to tweets. Broadsides to banners. BRCs and PPC. Plus the analytics, customer insights, and new technologies that help you create memorable experiences that improve the relationships you have with your customers.


Through our extremely popular events and conferences, NEDMA offers you unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Whether you work in marketing, creative, production, media or technology…

... whether your focus is on lead generation, ecommerce, subscription promotion, membership/donations, mail-order, traffic building or customer acquisition/retention…

…you’ll learn something of value at every meeting… something you can apply to your work responsibilities, the minute you return to the office.

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