Getting the Balance Right between Direct and Brand Marketing


Louis Gudema


Wed. Sep 22, 2021 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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is focused on direct marketing. And over the past 20+ years, new digital

channels and tools have given marketers an unprecedented ability to target narrow

market segments with relevant offers and evaluate and optimize their campaigns in

near real-time. The result at many companies has been an almost total focus on

what leads and sales marketing is producing this month and quarter.

In this session Louis Gudema will review the latest studies on how  the best brands

are balancing brand and direct response campaigns and what the best ratios are for

B2C, B2B, and startups (and what makes these hard to implement in many companies).

Louis will also review:
- The role of creativity and emotions in the best campaigns, with examples
- How long you need to give your campaigns
- Why you need a multi-channel approach
- How important are differentiation (not as much as you think) and brand purpose

(virtually nothing)

- How companies can measure the success of their brand programs


A special emphasis will be put on applying these best practices to B2B companies. 


About our webinar leader:
Louis Gudema is a marketing strategist and fractional head of marketing to

venture-backed B2B startups and growth stage companies.  He has worked with

companies from MIT startups to the Fortune 25 and launched a SaaS company and

led it to a successful exit. He details his Bullseye Marketing framework in Bullseye

Marketing, which was named One of the Best Marketing Plan Books of All Time,

and he’s also written for The Harvard Business Review, IDG Connect Marketer,

TechTarget, Econsultancy, MarketingProfs, HubSpot, the Content Marketing Institute,

and many other leading business sites and publications. He mentors startups

through MIT’s Venture Mentoring Service and is the head of Boston's Sales and

Marketing Innovators (SAMI).


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