Case Study: Successfully launching a new B2B product during a global pandemic and recession

Webinar with Louis Gudema, President , revenue & associates
Wednesday, July 22 - 2:00-3:00 PM. 
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In every recession companies in the same industry achieve very different results: some go out of business, some muddle through, and a few  may even prosper. In this webinar you'll learn how Louis Gudema recently developed and led the execution of a marketing strategy to significantly grow the leads and sales of a B2B startup while also introducing it to the industry and growing its brand. The strategy was an omni-channel approach and you'll learn how they successfully launched and optimized campaigns via the company's website, email, paid social media, Google Ads, industry publications and websites, SEO, webinars, and other channels.

 About our presenter: In his 30 year career Louis Gudema has helped hundreds of companies from MIT startups to the Global 2000 improve their business results. He founded and led Magic Hour Communications, which initially provided marketing communications services for major companies.

Louis then changed the company’s business model, pivoting it to become an early SaaS firm with strong recurring revenue. He had a successful exit, and over several years acted as vice president of business development at two mid-sized digital agencies, closing and serving primarily enterprise accounts. In 2013 he founded marketing consultancy revenue & associates, working primarily with small- and mid-sized companies. It was through his work with those firms that he developed the Bullseye Marketing approach.

The author of "Bullseye Marketing"  Louis speaks frequently on marketing and business at regional and national events, and has written for such leading business sites as The Harvard Business Review, MarketingProfs, Chiefmartec, HubSpot, IDG Connect Marketer, TechTarget, VentureBeat, Econsultancy, Content Marketing Institute and many others. Louis is the host of the Software Channel Partner Podcast. 


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